Monday, July 13, 2009


I was thinking the other day that envy is a pretty nasty feeling, and having someone envy you is really unpleasant.

Someone I know has started envying me recently, and because I have to tolerate the person's company for three more weeks, it's annoying as hell. She envies all sorts of things, from my work schedule, to my weight (go figure eh, I understand if I were 60kg, but I am overweight for my height), to my height, to my clothes, to my relationship. She even envies my gym membership (she couldn't get a membership there because she has tattoes and things are pretty strict here). Seriously though, give me a break. If you like my clothes, go to the mall, and if you want to lose weight, keep a damn food diary.

The thing is, I always believed and still do that my life is pretty ordinary, and what special things I have are mostly the result of my own work, although sometimes I've been very lucky (like on April 26th ;)). So there is nothing really to envy, I wasn't born a princess. And that's why I am starting to get really annoyed with this girl who envies me, but I can't very well tell her to go screw herself, unfortunately, because I still have to work with her until the end of this month.

Negative emotions are so suffocating. Oh well. Only 3 more weeks.

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