Sunday, July 19, 2009


Today's live had so many great bands. Or rather, all the bands today were great.

Eye-candy, eye-candy *evil grin*. *Cough* I mean research, research for the novel *drools*.

Anyways, good times! Everyone was dancing so much (and me too of course), and the music was great, and the atmosphere too (minus the smoke). At the afterparty I got to talk to many interesting and fun people, so I am glad I stayed for that.

The next live is in Toyohashi on September 13th, so I am going for sure unless I have an event at work. Most of the bands from today are coming, so I am really looking forward to it.

And now I am sleepy, but I missed the last train (I knew I would), so I am in a manga kisa (comic/Internet cafe), where you get your own cubicle with a door and a very comfortable chair that goes almost all the way down and almost becomes a bed. So for $10 you can stay here for 4 hours, so it's a very cheap alternative if you missed the last train. Karaoke migt be cheaper but it's loud...

Anyways, I am gonna try to sleep now. It's not so comfortable but the live was worth it.

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