Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I wish I counted how many times I re-packed my suitcases. I must have beaten some records, surely. It's amazing how much useful stuff one person can own, and how hard it is to leave all of it behind. Now I am leaving my precious kendo gi behind, and even the shinai bag that I made myself, because I have no more space and that's the kind of stuff I can buy in Japan (unlike dress clothes and shoes in my size).

Every time I re-pack I sit on top of my suitcases to help close them, otherwise it won't work.

Just packing itself really made me appreciate the Japanese phrase that I am told I'll be using a lot once I move, しかたない ("can't help it").

In any case, I hope today was the last time I re-pack, I really don't want to do this all over again in Narita airport.

By the way, Japan has really convenient luggage shipping services, it costs about $20-30 to ship a suitcase from Tokyo to Toyohashi (where I'll be staying). I'll be doing that, because I do not thing I want to lug around my stuff in the 33 degree heat in Tokyo, and especially not in the 36 degree heat in Osaka. Maybe Toyohashi is slightly cooler? Let's hope!

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