Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Today is July 14th, and I have two weeks and a day left in Canada. Everything is packed, I am just waiting for my friends in Japan to let me know if they want me to get anything for them.

I am really excited, because not only do I get to spend a few days with Steph and Tatsushi, as well as another few days with Anton and Rie, I am also very excited to meet my boss and co-workers. My boss sounds like a really nice person and she helps me all the time when I have questions, so I can't wait. I am also very excited about the training week, I wonder what her curriculum is like. By the way, this is the school I will be working for.

I think that besides seeing my friends after a long time (and I can't wait to see Haruka too), the things I am looking forward to the most are my new apartment, the kids that I will be teaching, the surfing beach close to my house, and, well, living in Japan in general. Of course, I really can't wait to have korokke-pan and okonomiyaki too.

Now I just hope that my overweight suitcase is not too too overweight and that I only need to pay an extra $100 to Air Canada, not more.

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