Friday, October 10, 2008

First Private Lesson

I also had another first this week: a first private lesson. A friend's friend wanted to take private lessons with me, and today we had our first one. I prepared so much stuff, but we ended up talking a lot (she wants conversation practice), and didn't get to do any of the stuff I prepared (muahaha, less planning for me for the next few weeks, yay). It was really enjoyable though, and I think she learned quite a bit. I guess I like to have more structured lessons, but today was good, since I wanted to know her level, and what kind of stuff she wants to focus on, etc., and I accomplished well.

I am also very happy about the lessons because she is a nice person, so I enjoy her company, in addition to enjoying teaching. The only thing is that Thursdays are a long day for me, but then I can sleep in tomorrow, so it all works out.

All right, bed time!

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