Friday, October 10, 2008

Piano Class

I had my first piano lesson yesterday, and it went well. I was very nervous before because my teacher asked me during the trial lesson (a month ago) to practice at home so I can read sheet music, but I only practiced a little and didn't improve all that much. So I was worried she would be disappointed and would expect that I have done more, but she was really nice actually, and the class was ok in terms of pace. I had to do a lot, but while difficult, it wasn't impossible, it was just right I think—good practice and difficult, but I felt good at the end. Ha, kind of like a good kendo practice...

I like my teacher a lot. She made me sing the notes as I was playing, and it was great that she asked me, because I would have been too embarrassed to sing by myself without her asking, since I can't really sing too well. It was very good practice. I have a goal of how much practice I want to do every week, so I will try my best to keep it up.

While we are on the subject of playing the piano, check this out:

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