Saturday, September 6, 2008

August in Toyohashi: Pictures

Long time no post eh? Yes, I know, I know. I have not written any emails either, not even to my closest friends, and for that I apologize. It's been really busy because basically I am at work all day. I don't actually work for more than 8 hours per day, probably even less, but the thing is, I am in transit a lot, and sometimes I'd start at 9-10 AM, then have a long break and travel to another location, and then finish at 7 or 8 PM. With waiting for the train and stuff, I am basically out of the house on most days from morning until 8-9 PM. I don't mind, but I am just too tired to do anything when I get home.

I am getting better though at organizing my time. I've been writing a lot at the train stations, while waiting, or on the train too. I also bring my Japanese textbook with me and study a little during breaks at work. I am still using my company phone, but once I get my own phone (heh, after the pay day ;)), I will be able to blog and email more, because the phone I want has a really nice text-entry feature. I can't wait, I've been counting days :D. September 25th is when I get payed, so I think I will be able to go to the cell-phone shop on the way from work that day, hehe :D.

Anyways, I wrote a short photo-journal about my first month in Toyohashi. I apologize for the crappy photos, they were taken with my phone camera, hence the quality. I don't usually bring my normal camera, I already have too much stuff with me, so I don't feel like carrying other things around.
Here is the journal. It's a PDF of about 1 MB.


Jeff said...

You? Buy a cellphone???

GASP!!! O_O!!!!

Katya said...

Yes, muahahahahahaah!
And you know what I bought? I bought an iPhone!! :D