Tuesday, September 23, 2008

New Phone

So I got a new phone. Yes, Katya, of all people, bought a phone, and not just any phone, but this baby:

It was expensive but I really can't get over the excitement of having internet on the phone. Really, that's why I got it... that and the fact that the keyboard input system is very nice. Also, it has a GPS, and that has proved very useful also, because I don't have a printer, and because it's quite easy to get lost around here, with no street names.
My camera died during Algonquin trip in July, so of course the phone camera has also been quite useful. The pictures come out really decent, and it's a 2 mega-pixel camera, which is not a lot, but for simple pictures on the spot it's perfect. So there, I am quite happy, now I just need to find some private students so I can pay off the phone :P.

Ah, and of course it has an ipod in it too, I forgot to mention that. You can also type, there is a notepad program, and you can download all sorts of software like dictionaries, etc. I am planning to do some big time downloading in the next few months ;). I could use a dictionary, that's for sure.


Xin said...

Kayta! I love your phone! Lol, I totally agree, I would never have expected you with a cellphone =P Your kids are so cute! You look like you're really enjoying your work :)

Xu Xin

Jeff said...

YOU DID WHAT?!?!?!?!

Katya said...

Muahahahahaha :D.

Yeah, apparently compared to prices of other cellphones in Japan, mine is not all that expensive, it's average. I thought it was super expensive... Guess I feel even better now about getting it.

I am so happy I got it. I haven't used it for calling much, I maybe spent one hour and a half in total on calling, in 3 months. I do use the internet all the time though, and it's wonderful. It's what I've always wanted, a small portable device that has internet access and is easy to use for typing.