Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Some Pictures

Seeing how it doesn't look like I'll post my pictures in my gallery any time soon, I will post some pictures here for now.

Zoo Trip
These are from the zoo trip we went on in the middle of August.

The kids could hold these animals, I think they were guinea pigs.

This is "Team Yellow", the kids I was responsible for the day.
The girl in the middle is the niece of our managers. The two kids on the sides are the kids of one of our managers. They are my favourite kids in the school :D. I love the expressions they have—they are like, 'huh? Picture time?'

These are the other 3 teachers (one is missing, she had to stay back and train that day). All of these kids came to the zoo that day, but only two of them are my students (the second and third girls from the right).

Baby Class
This picture is from one of my classes. It's a baby class, meaning the moms are there with the kids. I keep forgetting how old the kids are, I think they are both 3. They are really adorable, although it's quite difficult to teach such small kids. During their lessons I keep thinking, thank goodness my boss did the lesson plans for us, I would have no clue what to do with these little guys.

BBQ Day Camp
The pictures below are from the BBQ outing that my school went on in the middle of September (a week ago). Some of you saw these already, sorry for double-posting.

Um, rock climbing? :P

The darling on the right is my student. He gives me a lot of grief but I love him anyway, he is a funny kid. The kid on the left and above is not my student, but I took a lot of pictures of him, because he is very friendly and is super excited about learning English. He can speak really well too and all the teachers love him.

The girl in the middle is my student, and she is also my manager's daughter. She is fun to teach and she sometimes says the weirdiest and funniest things. The one on the right is her brother and while I don't teach him, he is my most favourite kid in the entire school. He is just really outgoing and funny, and really sweet too. One of the teachers just got a DS, so now they are having an on-going challenge of who can beat who.

These two girls are not my students, but I love this picture.

...ditto... this is the same kid as in the first two pictures.

He is not my student but he was on my team during the BBQ party.

She is my student. She is a bit quiet, but a really nice girl.

This little guy is 5, I think, and I don't teach him, but he has quite a personality.

He is a brother of one of my students. He was showing me an acorn that he found.

This little guy is one of the cutest kids in our school. Him and his brother like climbing on the teachers :D, they always get piggy-back rides from all of us. How can you refuse a look like that?

Here, that's the older brother.

Water baloon fight: man, these kids really went at it. At first they were hesitant to throw the balloons but by the end everyone's feet were soaked, in the very least. I got soaked too, one of the teachers demonstrated the game with me and, well, I didn't catch my balloon, it exploded in my hands :P.

This is the group picture with everyone. You have to click on it to enlarge, since it's so small. The little monkey kid is getting a piggy-back from me :D. He really is like a monkey (in a good way), so funny.

This guy has worked at our school the longest and he has the most experience, so he had the youngest kids. These guys are 4-5 years old, I think.

It rained a bit in the afternoon, and of course I couldn't resist to take a picture with my かわいいせいと :D. Can you beat the yellow teddy-bear rain-jacket? I bet nobody can beat that.
I am so curious to see who these kids grow up to be. I would love to meet them again when they are in high school.

After the BBQ trip we went to the rotating sushi restauraunt with the staff and their kids:

That was a game of rock-paper-scissors.

And this was something yummy, that's for sure :D.

Um, special pose?

Toyokawa Inari
These pictures are from the trip to Toyokawa Inari (shrine).

These are my friends, waiting for the train to go to the shrine. We took a picture together, but I don't have the file yet. I wore a yukata that day too, my friend's mom let me borrow one and put it on for me. Man, it's difficult to walk in those, but it was a lot of fun. Very gaijin thing to do, ね? Haha, wasn't my idea, honest :P.

This is the giant bell in the shrine, although you can't see it too well.

This is Katya's poor attempt at photography, I got the torii gate cut off O_o... hehe, well, it was difficult to capture with the camera phone, that's my excuse. The thing above the roof is the moon by the way. It gets dark here really early, around 6:30 or so.

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