Monday, September 22, 2008


After talking to a friend from work, and to my manager (who is the sweetest woman ever, and a blessing to work for, really), I've decided to re-apply to JET. Why? Because I do ALT work once a week and I wish it was every day. Also, because while my students are wonderful, and my managers are also extra wonderful, I'd like to work in the public school system.

So I might be coming back to Toronto around my birthday, but only for a day or two. I can't get too much time off work because we have nobody to supply-teach for us. Sucks that JET does not interview outside of Japan, I have to start saving money for the ticket if I get the interview. Anyways, I still have time to think about this, the application is not out yet... but just thought I'd blog about it. Sorry though but if I really do come I won't be able to see anyone, except maybe have lunch downtown the day of the interview, but in any case I won't know for another few months if I am coming or not.

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