Friday, August 8, 2008


Today I had contact with some unknown life forms in my bathroom. Yeah. I am quite positive that this bathroom has not been cleaned for years, and since I wanted to take a bath and there were some problems with the water drain, I ventured to open it up and see what the problem is. I will spare you the gruesome details, but 1 litre of bleach and half a bottle of bathroom cleaner later I was able to enjoy my bath.

I am so glad the grocery store is right next to my house, I can always go and get things I need, like bleach, easily. This evening after work I got home unusually early (before 6!) so I thought it was about time to do what I wanted to do as soon as I moved in: clean the bathroom and the kitchen. So I did, and good thing too, because even without my discoveries of the drain inhabitants (and no, they were not cockroaches, thank goodness), I would wear my slippers inside on the tile floor, as it looked worse than the ones in public baths. Now it's ok though, and the kitchen is perfect too, so all I need is to figure out how to connect the washing machine to the water pipe securely, and I am more or less set, at least for now. I could make this place even nicer once I get more stuff from the dollar store (like plastic containers for paper, etc, since I don't have a proper desk with drawers), but for now it's good.

Today really was the best day in Toyohashi so far, because I had a really nice walk/jog in the morning, then work finished early and for once I said bye to my co-workers outside of the office and did not see them for the rest of the day, and finally I cleaned everything, took a really nice bath, and even got to start making lunch for tomorrow. I don't know though if I will finish cooking it or just turn off the stove and finish tomorrow, because I am falling asleep really badly, and work is at 8:30. Yes, I have to work tomorrow, because apparently we did not do enough drills and need to do it again for two hours tomorrow. I won't start on training, maybe my boss knows what she is doing, maybe she doesn't, I am not sure, I'll find out in a week, but of course I would have liked to have no work on a Saturday. Well, not much I can do though. I have from 10:30 onwards to myself, and I am planning to go explore, since my morning 40 minute explorations are a bit too short. There seem to be several interesting places, so I'll go check them out tomorrow, now that I don't need to do any house chores.

I want to write about training, but it's quite exhausting, and I am really tired right now, so maybe some other time.

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