Thursday, August 14, 2008

Small World

Really, it is an unbelievably small world. Sorry I am really exhausted to tell the story right now, so please stay tuned, but I still can't believe my luck yesterday at kendo practice :D.
Aiii, wish I could blog right now, but if I do, I will fall asleep on my keyboard or something... and it's only 11 PM—can you believe it? O_o. I get up at 5-6, but by 9-10 PM I am really starting to fall asleep... K, bed time!

P.S. It's nice to have my internet back. I didn't have it for a day and a half and felt so isolated :P.


Anatoly said...


Victoria said...

Did you meet someone,whom you know in Canada?

Katya said...

LOL dad.

And no mom, I didn't. I met someone who knows someone I know :D.