Sunday, August 3, 2008

Ice Pack

I do have AC, but it's still hot because my apartment is stuffy and I am trying to air it out, so not using the AC too much. Earlier today I went to the dollar store and bought a jelly-like ice pack (similar to the kind you can get at Shoppers for sports injuries, only this one doesn't bend much when frozen). It was the best dollar I spent in the past few days, the thing is so useful.

The parasol that Steph gave me has saved me a lot too today, it's really bright and sunny around my neighbourhood. I walked outside quite a bit today, exploring the neighbourhood so I am glad I had the parasol, otherwise I'd probably have to go home sooner (since it was so hot).

Now I understand why Japanese people carry towels with them in the summer. You really do need one.

Next time I go exploring, I'll bring the ice pack with me too.

I still say it's bearable though, the weather that is, but it's still nice to have stuff like a towel or a tenugui, or a handkerchief, and of course a parasol. Poor guys, they can't carry one around. Although some guys wear towels on their heads.

It was fun walking around today though. I picked a road that's pretty industrial, so I mostly saw car dealerships and stuff, but still, I found some useful things too, like a dollar store, a post office, etc.

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