Saturday, June 6, 2009

Clothes Shopping

I was thinking the other day how much I love shopping for clothes here. It's not only because it's easier for me to find things I like (despite the problem with sizes... good thing I like skirts and not pants). It's also because in some stores you can buy clothes sets, like a dress-looking thing, another dress-looking thing that goes over the first one, and a sweater/shirt... For example, this one.
In my favourite store, Honeys (where a lot of high school girls shop apparently...) most stuff costs 2000 yen ($20), so for that money you can get three pieces of clothes that you can wear together or separately, or combined with other clothes.

I don't know if it's just this year's fashion to wear so many layers, but I am really not complaining.

And one more interesting thing that I noticed: in many clothes stores the display seems to change quite frequently, they seem to get new stuff almost every few weeks. It seems to me a lot more frequent compared to places like Garage Clothing, etc. in Mississauga. (And I can't believe that all of the names of the stores in the mall completely escaped me just now.) I know this because I've developed a rather dangerous habit of stopping by the clothes stores every weekend before I go get groceries. They are right there in the same building, so it's quite tempting. I don't always buy something, but I browse, and the sales ladies probably remember me by now.

I guess I might just as well, because I am told that in Kameyama there is not much shopping... Maybe a good thing too, I'll save more money this way.

Speaking of saving money, my salary is going to be much higher, I don't have to pay key money or any deposits for the apartment, and my school board is going to pay half for my apartment, so I only have to pay 35000 yen ($350) for a 2 bedroom + living room place. So I can actually save quite a bit of money for grad school. I was really happy about that, because at my current job saving money is not so easy.

I wonder if I get the bonus for my current job, or if my boss makes up some lame excuse that I was 5 minutes late a few times, or left 5 minutes early, or didn't follow the curriculum, or some other stupid thing like that. Oh well... I guess I'll find out eh...

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