Monday, June 8, 2009

Live Show

Today I went to a live show with my friend from work again. I am so glad he keeps inviting me, because I really enjoy those live shows. I should start going on my own too though.

Just as before, this was a punk rock show, but the bands were new. I mean, I saw all of them for the first time. We mainly went to see the band called "Lucy and the Lipstix" which my friend likes, and I really loved it too. I got their CD, and I am glad.

I also got to see and hang out for a little bit with my favourite punk rock band's members. This band is called "Vision", I think I blogged about going to see their show. I've seen them twice so far. I wish they played today too, but they didn't. They'll be playing soon though, in a few weeks, and then next month in Nagoya, and I'll see if I can go to both shows. Not sure about the one this month, but the one in July—for sure. There's also going to be the band from today playing, and a new band that has a member of another band that I really liked, but that broke apart ("The Climax"). I am really really looking forward to that.

My ears are still feel a bit funny (it is loud in live houses), and it took some effort to get the cigarette smoke out of my hair, and I have panda eyes because I can't find my make-up remover and my mascara turned out to be water-proof, but it was quite worth it. The show was so fun, everyone was dancing and jumping around, and so happy, and I had a good time too dancing, jumping, and acting all sorts of crazy. I wonder what what my JHS students would have thought if they ever saw me... By the looks they give me sometimes during the class, they must think I have a stick up my... well, you get the point. Little do they know what I do in my free time :P. And speaking of that, I am glad Toyohashi is such a big city, I can wear any crazy clothes I want without worrying. I wonder if I'd be able to do that in Kameyama... especially because I've been wanting to invest in some VK-style shirts and shoes... I found just the store in Nagoya too... I didn't have money last time but probably come September I'll be able to afford it.

And yes, in case my female friends are wondering, all the eye candy today was, well, very enjoyable... hehe... yeah... Especially the Lucy guys, and the Vision guys...
*goes to drool over the Shoxx magazine and the CD covers*

By the way, I love the new Vision's music, and the Lucy and the Lipsticks CD too.

The other two times after the lives we went with my friend to the after-party, but this time both of us had work the next day (since it's not a Saturday live but a Sunday one). Next time though we both decided to go to the after party. We'll have to spend an all-nighter in Nagoya after that though, maybe go to an internet cafe or something, because we'll miss the last train, but those after-parties are totally worth it. Everyone is so friendly, and it's so interesting to talk to everyone.

P.S. No, I didn't take any pictures in case anyone is wondering. I am definitely going to try to take some next month though, when both of the bands are playing.

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