Saturday, June 13, 2009


I've been trying to convince myself that the only thing I really need to eat today was congee (おかゆ), with some ginger, egg, and boilled chicken. That's of course because of the stomach flu or whatever it is that I managed to catch this time. My brain though seems to think that I also need to eat watermelon, tiramisu, a jelly desert that my manager gave me before she found out I was sick, and chocolate ice-cream. Maybe my body is asking for sugar... I've been trying to resist, especially since most of this food is really unhealthy, but I did eat some watermelon, cake and ice-cream. (@_@)

On Tuesday my pool membership starts, so I'll be working off the effects of this infection. I thought you are supposed to lose weight during those things, but I am actually hungy all the time, more so than I normally am.

Oh and I discovered that you can make really yummy congee in my rice cooker. :D

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