Tuesday, November 18, 2008

English vs. Japanese

Ah, I still have lots of time before work, and I've been meaning to update my blog for so long, so might as well do it this morning.

I have a few friends who speak English, and I've been noticing that when I talk to the friends whose level is intermediate, I prefer to use Japanese with them. Weird eh? I kept mentally forcing myself to use English when I speak with them, since I know they want to practice, but I really didn't want to use English. I guess when they are talking, it's easier if they use English, but when I am talking, Japanese is easier, because I don't have to worry whether they understand me or not. Maybe I just feel it's nice to have a break from teaching when I am with my friends, but I realized it's a lot of mental effort to use English with them, because I have to speak slowly, and adjust my vocabulary too... I was very surprised to realize just how much work it was, I never thought using English would be a chore, especially since my Japanese is not that great. By the way, despite the stuff I write here, don't get the wrong idea: my Japanese sucks. Sure it's better now than it was in Toronto, because I actually brought many words into my active vocabulary, but when it comes to grammar and kanji, it's not much better than, say, last year. I do study, but very little. Maybe I should study today actually :P, I really should... Japanese and piano.

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