Sunday, November 30, 2008

Understanding Japanese

So I guess my listening comprehension really sucks. Usually when I talk to people it's one-on-one, and everyone is very kind and takes time to explain stuff I don't understand. Of course, most of the time I can use my dictionary too. Today though I went to a talk about brown (unpolished) rice health benefits, and I think from the two hours that the talk lasted I understand about 5%. Sure, the vocabulary was not everyday vocabulary, but still. So more motivation to study, I guess ^ ^.

The reason I went to the talk is because the owners of this small grocery store next to one of our schools in Shizuoka invited me. I always go there to buy food, and I guess they sell mostly organic stuff (but it costs cheaper than in the grocery store next to my house), and they are always very nice to me, so I was pretty excited about the talk. Too bad I couldn't understand much... I guess I can ask questions though next week when I go there to get my lunch.

After the presentation we got to try some rice too, and it was really good. The taste reminded me of something I ate when I was little, but I couldn't place what it was. I should ask my mom, I wonder if I can describe the taste.

Here's a picture of brown rice from a random website:

Waa, I am getting hungry now...

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