Thursday, November 20, 2008

Futon, Part 2

It was surprisingly very comfortable to sleep on the futon. My bed here is really hard anyway compared to the one I had in Canada, so I have gotten used to harder surfaces. I don't even have to worry about putting away my futon back into the closet, I just put it on top of my bed, with the blanket and everything, and it looks great, like it always belonged there.

Turns out I might not need to buy a coffee table after all. My school decided to let go one of the apartments at the end of this year, so my manager said I can take furniture from there if I need. I have to ask the girl who is living there now if she has a coffee table. If not, I just remembered of the small cheap coffee tables we had from Ikea in our Waterloo house with my friend back in third year. Of course there is no Ikea nearby, but I am sure they'd have something similar in the local stores too. Anyways, now I just have to live without a table until Christmas, but after that I'll have one.

On an unrelated note, I need to leave soon because I want to stop by the dollar store on my way and get some gloves. The temperature here is not that low, maybe about +5-7C, but it's windy, like in February in Toronto near the lake, so it would be nice to have some gloves. The ones I have now are for biking, with cut-off fingers, and I thought they should be ok, but it was a bit chilly this morning.

All right, off I go.

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