Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Halloween Party and Other Pictures

On Saturday, October 25th, there was a big Halloween party organized by one of the foreigner guys in my city, and it was held at a restauraunt where many of the foreign guys hang out every week. So a lot of the people at the party were foreigners, but of course there were Japanese people too. I asked my two friends from Yamaha (my music school) to come, so the three of us went. It was really crowded, so I only enjoyed it because my friends were there too. My friends from work came too, but I didn't get to hang out with them because it was so crowded—guess I would have much rather spent time with all of my friends in a quieter place, but oh well. In any case, we didn't stay as late, because the next mornig I had to get up for the Halloween party at work. To be honest, I didn't like the summer pizza party or the BBQ camp too much, so I wasn't looking forward to this one either (especially since it was on my day off), but what can you do, it's work. As I thought, it wasn't that exciting, mainly because the rest of the teachers were not motivated either, and because the games we had on our list sucked... and also because only 4 of my students were there, out of the 25 kids, but dressing up was fun, and looking at the cute costumes that the kids had was also fun. I was a bit bored during some of the games, so I started running after kids and scaring them, and that was a lot of fun—and the kids were enjoying it too. It was easy for me to chase and scare them too, because I was wearing a cape.

Anyways, I don't have much more to say, so here are pictures:

The little guy I am holding wouldn't come into the circle with other kids, he was extra quiet and just stood in the corner, so I had to hold him for the first while. He is not my student, but I hear even during class he is really out there and isn't very sociable. Really cute kid though :D.

This is one of the other teachers that I hang out with—the two guys I work with are cool. He was joking how he is the big pumpkin, and one of my students (next picture) is the little pumpkin, and they match.

She is my cute two-year old. Her and another little boy are two of my most adorable students. Even her name is adorable, it's Momo :D (which means peach).

Well, no comment, really, I was asked to pose, so I couldn't think of a better Halloween face, hehe.

This is my manager's daughter, and my student. She was super cute :D.

This is my other adorable two-year old, Masato :D. His mom is so nice too. I always play with Momo and Masato after their lesson.

This is my student too. She isn't really a favourite, but hey :D. At least she is cute.

Group picture :D.

Rock Concert
A few weeks ago I went to a rock concert with one of my friends from work. It really was quite something. I've never been before, so I didn't know what to expect. Everyone was so excited, and dancing and singing along, it was great. The live house was quite small, maybe 50 people, and after the concert we went to the after-party with other people who came to watch and with the musicians. Ah, and of course I got my share of eye-candy :P. One of the bands I really liked is called Vision (check out the pictures on their website, hehe). The other band I really liked is called The Climax (their website seems to be down right now).

The pictures I took are not so great, in fact, they suck big time, since they are phone camera pictures, but I am posting them anyway.

This is the vocalist from Vision (go look at their myspace website above if you want to know what he looks like).

This is "The Climax" playing. I liked their music the best.

This band is called "Ryo and the Heartbreakers", and Ryo, the guy in the picture, is still in junior high school. They are pretty good though.

Toyohashi Matsuri
It seems that every city has a local festival, and Toyohashi is not an exception.
There was a lot of singing and dancing, and it was really fun to watch. Toyohashi has its own song (which I cannot find on youtube for some reason), and everyone was so excited about singing it... it kind of felt like Ukraininan New Year's Eve fireworks—the mood was very similar.

This lady with a flag smiled so much, and seemed like she was having so much fun, I really enjoyed watching her.

If you are wondering, "Is she really wearing what I think she is wearing on her head?" then the answer is yes, she is.

Random Pictures of Toyohashi
This poster says "Faith-Up" but it looks like a beauty salon if I read the katakana correctly. Go figure. I really don't get it, it makes me laugh all the time. I should ask my manager to explain...

This restauraunt is right next to the train station, so I pass it almost every day. The crab is cool, it moves. I've been wanting to take a picture for so long, and finally got around to doing it.

I took a crappy picture, but this is one of the iron dinosaurs outside of our school in Toyohashi. Our landlord, a really cool guy, made it with his friends. He has a ton of cool interesting things in his store, going there always reminds me of dad's garage. He keeps a bunch of computer chips, wires, lots of tools, bike parts, and other random things there. And he also makes the best cappuchino I've tried. I am getting addicted to the stuff, hehe. He's the same guy who keeps a pet pig outside of his store :D. I posted a picture some time ago.

These are some random purple berries in Toyokawa city (where I work twice a week). I always wanted to take a picture, but I was lazy to take out my phone.

On the Halloween week I was wearing a skull on my head one day, it was fun.

Tokyo's Designer's Week
Rie invited me to come to the design exhibition with her in Tokyo, and I did. I have to leave for work soon, so I am not going to write much right now, just look at the pictures. The exhibition was really interesting.

I took this picture because of the name of the company. I don't think their products had anything to do with cleanup.

This is Rie :D.

Rie's School Festival
That same weekend, November 1-2, we went to Rie's school festival in Osaka. Yes, I went to Tokyo one day and then to Osaka, it was some weekend.
Again, no time for descriptions, so just pictures. I loved the dances, the taiko performance, and the singing performances.

This guy played the guitar so so well.

These girls sang in English, if I remember correctly, and they had very nice voices.

These guys sang a lot of anime songs, and Rie was saying they are really big otaku.

More taiko.

These guys were funny :D. I don't really know how to classify their music, it was a mix of everything.

These guys were a rock band, and they were really funny.

More Random Pictures
One of my students in Toyokawa always stays a few minutes behind because his parents come a bit late. He's been fascinated with my iPhone, so last week he wanted to take a picture. I should remember to print it for him one of these days. Actually, I wish I took pictures with my kids on Halloween during the parties. We have Christmas parties coming up, so I'll take pictures then, I think. I like most of my kids, so it would be nice to have their pictures for the memories :D.

Ah this one was taken by the kid above. Not the greatest picture, but hey :D.

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