Thursday, April 2, 2009

Katya is...

...writing a curriculum for her junior high school (JHS) classes, because the old method didn't work with them;

...eating orange bell-peppers (mom and dad would be shocked when they read this, I have quite a reputation for refusing to eat those). They actually taste decent if cut into tiny pieces and cooked for a long time in pasta sauce, they loose their peppery flavour that I so dislike;

...practicing the piano more regularly than before (I do want to learn the Alkesandra song by the 19th, even if I decide not to play it);

...enjoying the lighter schedule at work;

...but dreading the ******* baby class... geh, I hate teaching 2-year old babies, it's too much;

...wondering when it will get warmer;



...wanting to go visit Anton and Rie in Osaka;

...wondering how her friends from Canada are doing;

...going to karaoke more often;

...enjoying the company of her new friends, and old ones too (やっぱり、何も言わなくてよかったね。二人いい友達できたもん。その友達はよく笑わせてくれた。)

...counting days till it's time for the trip to the ocean;

...anxious about tomorrow's JHS class and the new elementary school students class;

...being too lazy and/or busy to read her friends' blogs;

...not posting on mixi or replying to emails these days (sorry, too busy right now :P);

...enjoying BBC's "Business Daily" podcast more and more with every day (even though I don't know what I do if I hear another "boom turned to bust" phrase, they repeat it in every second podcast).

...thinking that it's about time to return to lesson planning and stop procrastinating.

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