Sunday, April 26, 2009

Teaching: Sketchbook

The walls in my living room are turning into a giant white-board sketch-book kind of workspace. Of course I don't write on the actual walls, I pasted some huge sheets of paper all over my closet doors (and I have a huge closet), and I write on those. I wish I had an actual white-board, like my brother does in his home-office, but then I guess a paper board thing has it's own benefits. I write ideas on sheets of paper and tape those to the master paper sheet thing, so if anything, I can move the stuff around and group it.
A computer would be nice for those ideas, but the screen is not big enough, and it helps having my ideas and reminders on what to do right there, in the living room, in bright colors. This way when I am eating dinner I can look at the stuff and maybe think more about some idea or other.

Ah, and I didn't mention what it is that I actually write on my walls... I've been trying to organize my research and teaching ideas, because I have so many, and I get those idea hyper energetic times when I come up with a lot of stuff. So I need to write that all down because I'll forget if I don't. And also, if I don't write my ideas down, there are too many in my head to have them in an organized manner. So when I have time to go read some ESL books etc. I don't know where to start because I have too many questions. This way, if I write my questions down and group them (e.g. under curriculum planning, or psychological problems in the classroom, or lesson themes, or natural language acquisition problems vs. classroom teaching, or the use of technology), then I can make sense of what I need to do more easily.

Anyways, it's a lot of fun writing on my walls, I just hope I have enough wall space, hehe. This totally reminds me of when I was little and mom and dad had paper pasted on our kids' bedroom walls, so that we can draw on the walls. Although me and my brother found ways to have a creativity outlet in a not-so-civilized way. We drew on the outer walls of our house too... with charcoal of all things... I am sure grandma wasn't thrilled. Neither were mom and dad, I am sure, but I don't remember them scolding us.

MAAAAAAAANNNNNN, I am really getting excited about thinking of all the teaching ideas right now, and it's past 1 AM. Geee.... I wonder how I am going to sleep now. I have work tomorrow morning, and then I am meeting a friend, and I'd prefer to be awake for that :P. So I need to go find some really boring book to read, something that will put me to sleep.

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