Friday, May 15, 2009


This quote from the BBC Business Daily podcast really made me laugh this morning:
"The man is talking out of his tail pipe."
That's a very creative way of saying... well, I am sure you know what they meant :P. The piece was on the debate about energy sources and the eco value of the electric cars.

And speaking of the news, I find it very interesting that the BBC (UK), and even the CBC (Canada) don't really focus on the swine flu all that much these days, but NHK (Japan) spends nearly half of it's 10-minute English podcast every morning and every evening on the reports about the flu. Well, I guess that's more interesting than listening about the pirates in Somalia.


Anonymous said...

how is swine flu more interesting than pirates in Somalia? Sure, it's closer to home, although Japanese ships have gotten attacked off the cost of Somalia as well. But interesting? Hardly.

That said, gauze masks are sold out in Osaka.

I wonder if one of the reasons BBC and CBC don't talk much about the flu is because they don't want to spread the panic?


Katya said...

Well, I guess neither is overly thrilling. The reports on pirates are along the lines of "Japanese navy is continuing preparations to send ships to combat pirates in Somalia", so no exciting updates.

I suppose that's true about the panic, I was thinking the same.