Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sister City

I just found out entirely by accident that the sister city of Mississauga (my city in Canada) is Kariya, in Japan, which is in the same prefecture (Aichi) where I live, and not so far from here.

Amazing coincidence, no?

Come to think of it, one year ago I had no idea I'd end up in Aichi. It's not such a famous place, and very industrialized, so it was not even on the list of places to consider for placement (although last year I did put it on my placement request because it's close to Shizuoka). And here I am, in Aichi, and really happy too that I came.

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sabakuNoTora said...

Don't know about the amazing coincidence thing. I guess it is. I keep reading wikipedia about small "cho"s and "shi"s around here, and each of them have half a dozen sister cities here or there. Makes me wonder what the hell all this sister city thing really means