Saturday, December 13, 2008

Interesting Things from the Past Few Weeks

I bought this cold medicine a while back, that's simple to Neo Citron (basically medicated hot drink). It ran out a long time ago but I found a box from it in my purse today and nearly died laughing. I am sorry, only those who speak Russian would be able to appreciate the joke. Read the red title on the box. Doesn't it make you think it's a medicine for a slightly different purpose than to cure colds?

This picture was taken a few hours ago, as I was biking to the post office. This is a rare sight for Toyohashi. We have two ongoing construction sights that I can think of (one was just finished actually), and I think I saw construction sites on maybe 2 or 3 other occasions, since August until mid December (that's 4.5 months). Now count how many construction sites you see in Toronto, especially if you live downtown. Really, the old joke about Canada having two seasons, winter and construction, makes even more sence now that I have something to compare Canada to.

+11 C on December 13th. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA!!!!! Ain't I glad I don't live in Ottawa, hehe. This picture below was taken today, by the way. It gets rather cold around here at night, I think according to the weather forecast it almost goes to zero, and it could get chilly too because the winds are quite strong, but really, it's great weather. During the day I think the lowest we had so far was +7. Today I was wearing a t-shirt and a sweater, that's it.

Speaking of weather, I just got home from practice, and I must say, while we do drills it's fine, but it gets a little cold during jigeiko, when you have to wait in line and are not moving. The dojo is not heated, as most of you know (there is no central heating or air in schools here). The doors are left open, so if your gi is wet and you are standing next to the door, it can get a little cold. But I guess it's a nice reason to practice your basics instead of just standing around :D.

I blogged before about getting new furniture because I have, um, destroyed my coffee table. Well, here's a picture of the remains of the coffee table.

This is another failed attempt at chijimi. Today I went to buy some kimchi in an actual Korean store, because the stuff in the grocery store sucks. So while there I saw chijimi mix, and I got it. I will try it next time, as soon as I get help with translating the instructions. This picture is from a few weeks ago though, when I was trying to make chijimi again.

This is a picture from one of the cold days. I think I blogged about how I was sleeping in the living room on a futon for a few days, so this is what it looked like. The winds stopped though, and if there are no winds it's not so cold in the apartment, and I don't need to sleep under my airconditioner.

I couldn't just walk by these glitter sticks without taking a picture. Read the label on the blue pack. Makes you really confident about your art if you use these glitter sticks, no?

(In case you can't read, it says "Lame Art".)

Another great label. I bought this sweater, and only later did I realize what it says. In case you can't see it too well due to my crappy picture, it says "Resting Place". Well, at least they didn't add the word "Final"...

This is one of my students, Kanna. She was playing with my phone and asked me to take a picture of her.

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