Saturday, December 6, 2008


Winter is here, but it's still so warm in Toyohashi. I think it's a bit cold today, +4, but usually it's between 7 and 14 degrees. Hard to believe that Christmas is so soon. My winter vacation starts in two weeks!

Today I will be skipping kendo because my cute students gave me another cold. Guess that's part of being a teacher... the kids keep sneezing in my face :P. Hopefully I'll develop immunity, but for now I'll just go get some tangerines in the grocery store. It's good it's the tangerine season!

This coming week we have quizzes, and next week we have Christmas parties, so no more actual teaching this year. I am going to see if I can take pictures with my students during the party week, I'd really like to have pictures of my kids. There are some students that are quitting, so that's even more reason to take pictures together ^ ^. Of course I'll post if I take them.

Now I have to go get ready. I am meeting my adult students today for lunch. All the other teachers go out with their adult students a lot, for dinner or drinks, but I never have a chance because our class is in the morning. This time though we all wanted to meet, so I am pretty excited.

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