Friday, December 26, 2008

Softbank and iPhone

Today I went to Softbank, my phone provider, to figure out why I couldn't access their website using my login and password. I still don't know why I couldn't do it, but the girl I talked to fixed it. It was amazing, she was so sweet, even though it took more than an hour I think. I hope she doesn't hate me, haha.

Up till now I have been paying for my phone using my Canadian Visa, because both Softbank and Apple were apparently worried about letting foreigners use the standard withdrawal from the bank account procedure, since the phone is so expensive. It was a majour pain in the neck though, because I have to ask my parents to pay my visa in Canada for me every month, and then I have to pay them back, and then when I try paying them back they will probably be like, oh, don't worry about it. Of course I am grateful if they say that, but since I am earning money, I don't want to accept, so I have to argue with them, and also just asking my mom to transfer money for me every month is troublesome, because I hate asking other people for favours, even if it's my parents. So anyways, long story short, today I asked, if I were to get a Japanese visa, may I use that instead. And the girl goes, sure, visa is ok, direct bank withdrawal is ok too, paying at the post office is fine too. I was so surprised, so I asked, really? Can we change my payment method then? And she goes, let me confirm. She went and talked to another woman, who was making really scary faces, so I thought they couldn't do it after all, but she came back and said, no problem. I was so so happy. This way is infinitely better than using my Canadian visa. So there you go, if you ever want something done in Japan and they say no, go there again and ask a few more times, and they might do it. Good to know :D, because the initial "no, you can only use a credit card to pay" sounded pretty final the first time I talked to them, but they so easily let me do it this time.

In general, I really like customer service here. Even at the post office today the clerks were so kind and so helpful, even though I had such a pile of stuff to mail, and I made some mistakes, and on top of everything I was sending my New Year's cards late (they ask that you drop them off by the 25th, but today is the 26th already).
I am sure people in stores etc. are getting the same wages as in Canada, but I guess all the companies are really demanding of their employees when it comes to customer service.

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