Friday, December 26, 2008

Post Cards

WEEEE!!! I am done with my post cards and presents! It only took me three days . Seriously though, it was really fun to make cards this year, because I made my own. They sell stickers, glitter, and all sorts of other card-making supplies, and it's not hard at all, but a lot of fun. It just took me forever because I wrote about 10 cards in Japanese, to my piano and kendo teachers, my landlord, and a friend who doesn't speak English too well. For a whole bunch of them I only had the addresses in kanji, and with no way to know how to read the kanji, I just copied it in kanji. So it took me forever to finish. I actually didn't write that many cards for you guys, my friends in Canada, sorry :P—I wanted to write to all of my friends, but if I did, I'd be writing cards for the entire winter vacation.

I went to the post office today, fearing that I will have to leave half of my paycheck there :P. Well, not half, but I thought I'd have to pay about $200 for the amount of mail I was sending, because I was mailing a bunch of packages with presents for my family, and some of my friends (haha, well, you'll find out in about a week who you are :P). Surprisingly everything together wasn't so bad, it was about $88 in total, and given I was mailing at least 20 packages internationally, and about just as many cards internationally, plus a whole bunch domestically, I thought I got off very easy. So happy! Japanese postal service fees are less than those in Canada, I was really glad.

For those of you who don't get a card from me, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, and I hope you have wonderful holidays!
This is what one of the cards I made looks like. Haha, please don't copy my Japanese if you ever decide to send New Year's cards, it might have mistakes.

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