Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Week in Pictures

I thing I blogged before that I bought chijimi (Korean pancake) mix. It's wonderful, the taste is great.

This is what my breakfast today looked like:

This is my breakfast yesterday. Yes, I went to McDonalds. A few Fridays a month I go to a kindergarten in Toyokawa, and I always get there 20 minutes early, and the only place open nearby is McDonalds. So I always go there to get breakfast.

Check out the label of this pack of balloons. These are cautions. Just in case you didn't know, you shouldn't eat balloons. You also shouldn't burn balloons, or put them in people's eyes.

Are these webs to catch leaves? I have no idea...

Three days ago, December 18th. :P

This is one of my studens, she was playing badminton with the kid below.

This is the train station, Mikawa Otsuka, where my favourite junior high school is :D.

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