Saturday, December 20, 2008

Internet Bill

We had a laugh with my friend from work yesterday. Usually my internet bill comes once every 3 months (this is unusual, but that's how it was set up in this apartment), and I just paid mine about a month ago. It came in the mail again the other day though, and I was very surprised. It also looked a bit different from what my bill normally looks like, AND it was for 2 months, also an unusual thing.

My friend from work came over to check his email yesterday because his computer is broken. He usually comes every week. So I was telling him about the bill, and I go, "Does your internet bill look like this? Because mine usually looks different." He looks at it and goes, "I guess it does look like this." And then I look at the bill carefully again and go, "Wow, this is not actually my bill, it's for apartment 107!" And he goes, "This is my bill then!" :D

Hehe, now I will check all of my bills as they come in, to make sure they are mine.. Guess postmen make mistakes eh?

Well, lucky for me, I don't have to worry about my internet bill this month.

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