Monday, December 22, 2008

Rie's Visit

Last night Rie came to visit and stay over. It was a lot of fun. We went to Toyokawa Inari today (I blogged about this Inari a while back). We walked on the shrine grounds, went to visit the fox gods, and then had lunch. I went to that restauraunt last time I came to Toyokawa Inari, and the lady who works there remembered me. I was really surprised, but it was so nice. They have different events at that restauraunt, and I always wanted to go but never had a chance. She invited me again, so next time I'll go, I think.
After we came back to Toyohashi, I showed Rie Hirokooji Dori (street) and the downtown area in general, and we also went to the part to see Yoshida Joo (castle). It was getting dark already, and there was nobody in the park, but that was kind of nice, really peaceful.
After we had dinner in a Hawaiian restauraunt, and then coffee at the station, and after that Rie had to catch a train back to Nagoya and from there to Osaka. I wish she stayed longer, because I really enjoy her company, but I am going over to Osaka at the end of the week to stay with my brother for a few days, so I'll get to see her a lot :).

And now, pictures.

Foxes at the Inari:

Miso Katsu, which I found out from Rie is Aichi special. I had the same thing at that restauraunt in Toyokawa last time, because I like katsudon. It's very yummy, it's sweet and not too salty at all.

Rie at the Hawaiian restauraunt:

My drink, it was coconut mango something, very tasty. Non-alcoholic though, because I was already sleepy from the night before.

This is spam cheese curry. Doesn't sound overly appetizing, but it was really good.

On the way home I stopped by the local gift shop and couldn't resist taking picture of this. Another lame goods, this time the color is lame apparently (last time it was "lame art").

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