Friday, December 26, 2008

On the Environment

I think I blogged before about how in Canada, at least in my geography class, Japan is viewed as a country that does little about the environment, even though they signed the Kyoto agreement. On a grand scale it might be true, but I think businesses are doing things on a small scale. For example, Softbank, my phone service provider, charges its customers 315 yen ($315) monthly for receiving a paper bill. When you subscribe to their service initially, they explain this to you and ask you if you want to receive a paper bill. Now that I finally have the opportunity to access my account online, I can see that the online bill is exactly the same as the paper bill (I get one for my land line phone, so I know what it looks like). I think this is a very smart move, because so many people prefer to use internet anyway, and because it saves Softbank labour and paper.

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