Monday, January 19, 2009

Anki: ESL Lesson Plans

So, have you tried Anki yet? No? What are you waiting for?

Hehe, joking, joking. I have developed quite an addiction to Anki in the past few weeks, it's so useful.

In fact, I started using it in class. Some kids think it's ok, but some love it. I have been bringing my laptop to class for my older students to try out Anki. I have not quite worked out the logistics yet, because I only see my students once a week, and also they answer as a group, not individually, so the scheduling is a bit off from individual use. But still, I think it's a pretty good tool to have. I can't wait to see how my Tuesday students do, we've been adding new words that I teach them spontaneously throughout the lesson, so I am really curious to see if they remembered any of those.

I was teaching a 7-year old during a private lesson, and he had trouble for the second week with the same vocabulary for school subjects. Well, today we figured out what the problem was. He doesn't really know what these subjects are about, even in Japanese, because he is too young (grade 2, so they don't start science, or moral education, or social science until later). I always forget how young my students are... they are so smart that they make me forget they are such small kids.

In general, it's really quite amazing how smart kids are. I love teaching for this reason, I can't get over being exciting with how fascinating human brain is. I am so glad I studied Psychology in university, so it helps me understad a little bit about how cognition works. I can't wait to go back to Toronto and get all my Psych books. I really wish now that I shipped them to Japan, and I am going to bring them all back to Toyohashi with me once I go home for a few days in February (IF I am lucky to get a JET interview).

Speaking of JET, still no word. Sigh. I am glad I am too busy with work to have time to think too much about the JET application.

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