Saturday, January 10, 2009

Vocabulary Review and Memorization Software: Anki

The most difficult thing for me when studying vocabulary is to find motivation to do the work. Anton showed me a program that is designed for studying vocabulary, called Anki. It supports Japanese, but you can adapt it for any language probably. The way it works is you add new words (kanji, etc.) that you want to learn, and during each session the program shows you the vocabulary as flash cards. You see if you know the word, and then check the answer, and finally rank each word based on how difficult you thought it was. If you rank it as "show again", it will show it to you once more during the session, basically until you clear it. Of course you can cheat if you don't feel like studying, and rank it as "hard", so it won't show it to you until the next time, but then that defeats the whole purpose.
There is a limited number of words per session, so if you study every day you will only have about 20. If you don't study for a long time though, you'll end up having to review all of your vocabulary.
Anyways, please see the website above for a proper detailed explanation. And if you are studying vocabulary for any language, check out the program. I've only been using it for 10 days, but I really did learn a number of new kanji, and not just recognition, I can actually write them too.

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