Friday, January 23, 2009


It's completely random, but I just thought: I miss Hart House and Munk Library. I miss watching snow fall outside Hart House through the Gothic windows, and I miss the smell of books and fireplaces at Munk Library. Next time I am back in Toronto, if I have time I'd like to take some pictures on the UofT campus.

If there is one thing I really miss about Toronto, it's the UofT libraries. Going to one of the libraries to study always calmed me down, there is just something about libraries. Of course I miss all the resources on ESL teaching at OISE, and all the novels and linguistics books in Robarts, and the political science books in the Munk building. I also miss the stack of "Environmental Finance" magazines in the Robarts periodicles section. I miss the Math and Computer Science books in Gerstein, and I miss watching people cram for exams. I miss Renison and St. Jeromes libraries in Waterloo too. Heck, I even miss Dana Porter library, especially the history section, and the DC library with all its books on computational linguistics.

I have my iPhone with me all the time now though, so as long as I am not out of battery, I can have all the internet I want :D, and read anything online... but I still miss the way libraries make me so calm and so excited to study at the same time.

... Maybe I should finally get out of the house and visit my local library. I can't belive I've lived here for half a year and hasn't done it yet...

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