Thursday, January 8, 2009

Kimura Takuya

I know I am supposed to blog about my vacation and write those emails that I promised, but I'd like to blog about something else instead today. Have you watched any dramas with Kimura Takuya? If you haven't, you should, assuming you like watching dramas. He is quite incredible, in my opinion. I have yet to see a drama with him that I do not like. Granted, I have not seen all of his work, I mostly watched his more recent dramas.

I suppose there is no real constructive value in this post, I guess I just wanted to share how much I enjoy his work. I am sure those of you who watch dramas know about his work already, and those who don't probably won't really bother starting now anyway, just because of this post. I also don't have anything interesting to say either, but I still wanted to share what I think. I was just watching his last drama, "Change", and thinking about how I first got to know about Kimura Takuya. I was in second year in university, and a classmate who I quite worshiped suggested I watch Hero. I remember him saying something along the lines that Kimura Takuya is not just a pretty face, but a good actor. I have to admit, I started watching at first because of the looks, but I really got captivated by the character. I am sure that my classmate would not be reading this blog unless he stumbles across it somehow through google, but still, I'd like to say thank you to him for getting me to watch Hero that day.

Here's a picture of Kimura Takuya, in case you'd like to know what he looks like.

(Picture taken from here.)

Here's him singing "Wonderful Tonight". I just found this video today, and it was nice to hear, I actually like that song a lot.

I was just reading through the Wiki article above, and remembered that Kimura Takuya was the one to voice Howl too. I wonder if the choice for Howl's seiyuu (voice actor) had anything to do with Howl's Moving Castle becoming my favourite Gibli anime...

He was in the kendo club in school too. Not that that has to do with anything *coughyeahrightcough*.

Anyways, if you do want to take a look at any of Kimura Takuya's dramas, here is a list with descriptions (you have to scroll down a bit).

I should get back to work. I've procrastinated long enough. Sorry for no updates. I know some of you are wondering where the heck I have disappeared to, this being my vacation. I am still alive. I have had the most exciting and eventful first week of the year, thanks to my brother, Rie, Jeff who traveled with me, my kendo teachers, and other people who take care of me and give me their kindness here in Toyohashi. I will blog about all of my adventures one of these days, I promise, especially since Jeff let me post pictures too, but today I would like to do something more important while I still have time—that is, work on my writing.

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