Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I have a mixi account but I haven't really been using it much. Yesterday I started using it again, and the thing is worse than facebook, you can waste so much time away on it. It's great for keeping in touch of course, I am glad I have an account, but my plan to study didn't go far tonight. I only got to review my kanji, that's it. I guess I'll be studying tomorrow at work... since my studying is for the benefit of work anyway.

Speaking of work, I have to go find some fun English games that teenagers can enjoy. My junior high school kids could really use some games. Last week I played the entire lesson with them, and I think they had a lot of fun, and so did I... and they probably learned more than they usually do during the no-game lessons.
Man, I am so bad with games... I wasn't into them when I was growing up, I was more into books and drawing, so now it's a little difficult. I can find stuff to do with my older students easily, but teaching 13-year olds are a bit hard in that respect.

Waaaaaaaa, I just had an increadible idea! Not for teaching teenagers, but for finding subjects for my research. Oh man. I can have a really amazing study group, weeee!! I need people whose English level is high, and I just met many people like that yesterday, and some of them will likely be really interested in participating in my project. Now I just have to think it though carefully, in terms of set-up and logistics... Weeee!!!! All right, I guess blogging is useful, I come up with random but surprisingly good ideas sometimes when I blog. WEEEE!!! Ok, now I wonder if I am going to fall asleep easily, I am getting so excited about the project.

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