Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Meat Loaf

A long time ago my friend gave me this tape for my birthday. Yes, back when I was a child and the dinosaurs roamed the planet we actually used tapes, not CDs. Anyways, this tape was by an artist I've never heard of, and I don't even know if my friend liked the singer herself, or if she just picked it at random (possible). It was a collection of Meat Loaf's music. I didn't really get too into it back then, except for a few songs, but after many years I found more of his music, and I really liked it. My brother also got some of Meat Loaf's music on iTunes and shared with me. This morning one of the songs was playing on my computer, so I thought I'd share with you all :D.

This song is not Meat Loaf's, I think, I believe it's an old song that many singers like to sing. It's nice though, and I really like the female vocalist.

Here's a song I heard today for the first time, and I like it.

And this one is quite a classic. It's actually quite funny, I think.

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