Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Green Onions

I think I should really double the amount of green onions and other vitamins that I eat. And exercise more... Maybe that will keep me from getting so many colds. This is the fifth one since August, sigh.

On a separate note, Obama's address was interesting last night. Very different from what I expected, and a lot better than I expected. I am glad I stayed up to watch it live.

While waiting for the speech to start I was browsing the iTunes store for free iPhone applications, and I found a whole bunch of really neat ones, for example plugins for Twitter, or a program called "The Brain Tutor" that is a 3-D tool to learn the names of different parts of the brain. There's even stuff like a catalogue of pictures with different poses for anatomy studies for artists. Of course there are many applications for navigation, like Google Earth or a compass. I downloaded so many because I wanted to try them out.

Ok, time to go to work.

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