Saturday, February 14, 2009

Chocolate Day

Today is chocolate day, a day when boys (and girls too) get chocolate from people who like them, as well as from family, classmates, and co-workers. Even elementary school kids were telling me proudly yesterday during class how they got chocolates (yesterday being the Friday, so most kids gave chocolates that day). I still don't really understand how Valentine's Day works here in Japan, perhaps I'll ask my friends tomorrow, but it really does seem just as I read on the internet before coming here: girls give chocolates, and get their own chocolates in return on White Day (March 14th). Well, I hope I get to learn more about Valentine's Day here today and tomorrow because I've always been curious about this tradition, which seems reverse compared to the western V-Day.

I got chocolates too yesterday, from one of my students, Kanna. She is such a sweetheart :), she made it herself, and it was beautiful and very delicious. I wish I took a picture before eating it.

Now, after writing about V-Day I feel like eating chocolate... (O_o)

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