Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Gintama OP and ED

I am waiting for my phone to synchronize with my computer, so I have a few minutes to blog.

On Sunday at the International Lounge (a group of people who want to practice English and have various fun events) I met someone who is a Gintama fan. I've loved Gintama myself ever since my 13-year old student, Josie, suggested I should check it out. It's a great show, really funny, and kind of silly. It makes fun of itself, Shonen Jump magazine (where the manga is published), and other Jump manga/anime like Bleach, not to mention lots of cultural jokes which I would not get if not for the fansubbers doing such a beautiful job at explaining stuff. When my students use some, um, classroom inappropriate language and I make a face and tell them to stop, they always get surprised that I know such vocabulary. So I tell them, I learned it from my other students (and truth be told, I have learned quite a few dirty words from the kids), but really, most of those words I learned from Gintama. Comes in handy when I am trying to control my class, now the students know they can't get away with saying whatever they want during the lesson, since I actually understand what they are saying.

Anyways, I am deviating. I just wanted to share some Gintama opening and ending music because I like it. Today on the way to work I think I will be listening to music instead of news podcasts.

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