Saturday, February 14, 2009

Kendo Practice Today

It was such a good practice today. First, I made a deal with myself. I didn't finish my errands and all of the lesson planning for tomorrow. So I kicked myself out of the house at 5:50 PM promising myself that if I practice properly, I can go home after the junior high school practice and kata are over (8:30 instead of 9:30, which is when jigeiko finishes). Very good thing too that I went, because only 3 JHS students showed up (it's now exam week), so it was like a private practice for just the 4 of us. Each one of us got a lot of feedback during the drills, not something that usually happens because normally there are more than 10 students. Also lately we've been doing a lot of non-bogu drills and it's been very useful for me, since I need to practice basics lots. We actually did extra non-bogu drills today.

Also I got to practice kata for the second time since coming to Toyohashi, and for the first time since I got a bokken. I was going to bring the one I have in Canada back, but then I thought I'd need to practice kata more before I go to Toronto, if I am planning to grade, so I got this bokken thinking I'd get to use it for the entire month before my trip to Toronto... Well... that didn't really work out though because I ended up not going to practice for three weeks in a row. I was sick for two, and then busy with work last Saturday.

Anyways, I am so glad I went. I got to finish my work at night too, after getting home, so I am really happy.

Oh, and I remembered what I need to add to my suitcase: a tenugui, since apparently there is practice during reading week after all.

Oh, oh, and I still haven't translated the thing my student wrote for me. During mokuso at the beginning of the practice all the JHS students and elementary school students say something along the lines "I will practice hard today, etc.", and one of my students who is in my dojo was sweet enough to write it in hiragana for me. I still haven't translated it, and neither have a I memorized it. さっすがばか姉ちゃんでしょう? :P

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