Sunday, February 1, 2009

Frankensteined Scrabble

Now, for such an intriguing title, all this post is about is a new version of scrabble that I came up with for my junior high school students. I massacred the rules a bit, hence the title, but in any case, it seems that junior high school students who are not so great at English actually enjoy word games. We didn't have a scrabble board, and I simplified the rules (the main reason being that I don't actually know the rules well, haha), so they had to write words on a large white-board, and they could go up, down, left, right, or diagonal in any direction. Now usually two of the six kids are not really paying attention because the class is too difficult for them (I've been trying to simplify but still haven't managed to bring down the level sufficiently enough). When we were playing though, they were pretty excited and participated a lot. So I guess this means I really have to research and find more language games for this class.

I was really happy though, it seemed that all of my class really enjoyed themselves in these past few weeks, and they've actually used English more than they normally do. Of course I knew games were the way to go, but I've been having difficulty finding what kind of games they'd like until recently. Before a lot of the games I'd try to use were met with blank stares. So I am glad I found in which direction to go with these guys :D.

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