Saturday, February 7, 2009


Waaaaahaaaaa, I feel so behind on the things I want to do. I didn't go to kendo today because I couldn't finish all the things I needed to do tonight, and I am still not done... (Blogging and emails are part of my to-do list by the way, I am not blogging to procrastinate.)

The more I listen to TED podcasts, the more I feel motivated to do my work, as a teacher, and as a global citizen (the link is to an excerpt from the talk given by the Dalai Lama in Ottawa in 2007 that I was very fortunate to attend). At the same time the more I listen the more I realize I need to manage my time very carefully, precisely because there is so much to do. I've been discovering how many hours I have in a day that I normally didn't account for, such as the time I spend doing house chores, or biking around—lately I've been trying to use this time carefully, listening to podcasts from BBC, TED, and other websites.

All right, and now, back to work. ^ ^

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