Monday, February 16, 2009


Man, Toyohashi can get windy... just as bad as San Francisco. I love the weather here, but the wind is one thing I don't like. This morning I was stubborn enough to leave my house in a skirt (if you can wear a skirt 365 days a year here, then why not right?), and that was probably not the smartest idea. I gave up listening to the news on my iPhone because I needed all the concentration for steering my bike with one hand, and keeping my clothes in place with the other, hehe.
I looked in the mirror after I got home and my hair looked like it was subject to a malfunctioning blow-drier... Or like I've been fighting bears in the woods, hehe. While all I did was bike for 10 minutes to the bank/post office, and then back.

I guess the good thing about all the wind is that Toyohashi/Tahara (the neighbouring city) use it for energy, they have a bunch of windmills along the coast. I don't know how much energy is generated, and whether more windmills can be installed, but in any case it's good to see that all this wind is being used. Whenever I think, I wish I didn't have to endure all the wind (it has major clashes with fashion, haha), I keep telling myself that it's not so bad after all if it's being used for something good (wind energy). The air is really clean in this city too.


Jeff said...

I remember that crazy Toyohashi wind!

Katya said...

Yeah... Today it's the worst I've seen so far.