Sunday, February 1, 2009

Twitter vs. MSN

I have not been using MSN since coming to Toyohashi, and I think I won't use it much from now on either, because it takes up too much time. However, I've been using Twitter a little bit, and I wonder if any of you guys are using it too. So far I only have 3 people on my Twitter list, because I don't know who else uses it, so if you use it, tell me and I'll add you too.
It's pretty neat, you basically update your status, just like the MSN status or the facebook status, and you can upload pictures and GPS locations. Check it out!

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Duelist said...

Some of us Canadian folks have toned down our twitter use because they disabled SMS delivery of tweets to Canadian cell phones. I still want to use it often, but now most of my followers don't receive them on their devices. :(