Sunday, February 1, 2009

Japanese Telemarketers

I just got a phone call from a telemarketer from the phone company, NTT.
It's interesting, I was actually able to understand most of what he was saying, and also it had very good timing, because we were just talking with my manager about switching the internet service. I heard about this promotion from NTT before from other co-workers, and it looks like a pretty good deal, so very lucky for that telemarketer that I could understand what he was trying to say :P because I will probably actually switch, since the service is cheaper, and it won't take a whole month, just a few hours, to perform the switch. We'll see though what this telemarketer guy tells my manager on Tuesday—maybe his offer won't look so good to her as it did to me, then I won't switch.

Anyways, it's a very satisfying feeling to be able to communicate with someone over the phone in Japanese, even if it's a telemarketer.

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