Thursday, March 5, 2009

Japanese ISPs

I was checking my pageview log the other day for blogger, and noticed something interesting.
For the hits from Canada I can usually see city information, like Toronto, Richmond Hill, Ottawa, Vancouver, etc. I mean, the IP address usually roughly corresponds with the actual location. Well, my parents' ISP's head office is in Marhkam or Richmond Hill, so their visits don't show as Mississauga, but as Richmond Hill, I think. Still pretty close though.
With Japan, unless you are browsing from a special internet connection (like Aichi University campus or something), you probably won't be able to tell where the IPs are from. They all show up as Tokyo. I am guessing that's because the major ISPs have their head offices in Tokyo perhaps. Osaka shows up as Osaka though, yey :D. So not very helpful stats... Oh well. It's still interesting.

Lately I've been getting a lot of hits from random places all over the world because I blogged about "The Time of Eve", and backlinked to a picture. I guess that show is super popular these days.

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