Friday, March 13, 2009

Piano Lesson

Today it rained a lot when I biked from work to my paino class, and I had a bit of a fight with my junior high school kids during the last class, so I wasn't in a good mood. I caught a cold again too, so I was thinking, I wish I didn't have to go to the lesson.

But then, my teacher was so nice, and she got new books for me because my old book was really difficult. I could actually do all the exercises ok today, and we laughed a lot when I did something silly by accident, because it sounded funny. I usually leave right after the lesson, but today we talked a bit about all sorts of things, and we laughed again when after she asked my age I asked her, and she said, "ah so you asked after all" :D. Hehe, then we were joking how it's a secret :D. And after that I told her how my students at kindergarten play piano better than I do, and then we were laughing again when I promised her I'll practice hard so that I don't loose to my kindergarten students.

I kind of only remembered I had a cold only after I got home.

It sucks though, because Anton and Rie are coming tomorrow and here I am with a cold. There were also so many things I wanted to do tonight... including some more drawing, and maybe practicing the piano, but I went straight to bed after dinner. I was watching some TV on my computer, but I think I'll sleep soon... even though I have to answer a number of emails.

Ah, and I've decided. The grapefruits are back in the grocery store and they are cheap, and I love grapefruits so much. So I am going to try and eat one every day, in addition to vitamins, to prevent colds. Maybe I should also start jogging again, or start going to the pool as I have been trying to do ever since I got here. I have an indoor pool right next to my house, I just have to go find out about membership fees and stuff. But for now, I'll just go sleep.

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