Tuesday, March 3, 2009


So I found this website that explains what Nagoya-ben (Nagoya dialect) sounds like. Check it out here. It looks like there are a lot of "ya" sounds in Nagoya-ben. Hehe, too bad I forgot to ask my friends on Sunday to teach me some, I was actually in Nagoya too (I'll try to blog about that).

I think I got down the basics of Mikawa-ben. Mikawa is an area where I live in Aichi, it's sort of like the GTA. Haha, imagine the GTA-ben. LOL, makes me laugh just imagining it. I think Russel Peters has it covered pretty well ;).

If you have never seen any of his stuff, you are missing out :D.

This one is awesome too! :D

Haha, I miss Toronto for all the different languages you'd hear on the street ^ ^.

Anyways, back to Mikawa-ben. It sounds pretty fun, you add じゃん、りん、だら. You also use おる instead of the いる. I tried using じゃん :D. Hehe, one of my friends, not from Mikawa area, says I sound like an old middle-aged man. :D
It's really interesting to learn about all the dialects.
~ I like Kansai-ben the most of what I heard so far~ (haha, now my Mikawa friends are not gonna talk to me :P).

By the way, I think Mikawa is a really nice area. It's so warm here, and people are very nice. Nagoya is a beautiful city, but so big. I love going there on weekends, but it's sort of like Toronto, pretty busy. It's funny, here in Japan it's like I am living back in Mississauga (only there is way more stuff to do in my city), but close enough to a big city like Toronto (Nagoya), so that it's not a problem to go visit. It takes me about 50 minutes from the train station, and it costs a bit more (1500 yen return, on weekends), but it's not so bad, almost the same as Toronto. The only thing that's too bad is that the last train is about 10:40, as opposed to 1:30 AM like in Toronto. So if I want to stay out late, then I have to find an all-night karaoke or internet cafe or something, like some of my friends from Toyohashi do. I feel like I am getting too old for those things :P, so I just go home early, but it's fun anyway.
I guess it would be nice to live a little bit closer to Nagoya, like half-way, but then my city has a shinkansen stop, which other places don't, so it's great. If I want to take the shinkansen, that is :D.

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Falls-Down-Laughing said...

You're in Nagoya too? Ore mo Nagoya no hito dagyaa! ^_^

I'm from the US, but have been here for years - how long you been here?